Our Ongoing Work...

Free Child health Services

We are forming a group of doctors who are running camps, in order to educate for safe delivery precautions and people for new born babies health.

Our Work

Free Child Health Services

Child Health care pre and post delivery are the areas of major concern in rural villages in india. Troubled birth rate is quite high in the target areas we are working. the main reason for these problems is lack of proper treatment, counseling, Medical facilities and awareness...

Books For All

This is a project started by us to collect used books and to form a inventory which can be made available to remote village under privilege students...

Child Mental and Moral Health

We strongly believe that not only physical health but moral and mental health is also required to become an active part of the society And children is the first person who will become future society . we made this initiative to ensure moral and mental health to the kids by providing them free infrastructure to play and grow mentally...

Jyotti Yan

Jyotti Foundation is committed to work for Child health from the primary to advance stages of pregnancy. we have identified the problems which could cause the child birth problems like improper food habits of the pregnant mother, stress, lack of medical advice and help, lack of health check ups etc...

Vision: We are a group of like minded people and strongly believe that a major portion of population in India leaves in villages. Those are the place which are going to be the main suppliers of human being for the modern society, But the problem in remote villages is a lot of scarcity of health and education. We believe that if you want to make future society strong and capable we need to nurture our child and youth in a proper direction. We would like to fill the gap between urban and rural world by becoming a bridge between these two societies. We would like to distribute goods used by modern people in rural areas so that they will not feel obsolete when they will join the modern world. The best way to develop modern society is to work on the child of now because somehow they are the key of future growth. Child health, education and youth empowerment are the few building blocks for future societies and we are committed to improve them in rural world. Our projects and plans filled with innovation in techniques and methodology will help us to reach for the dream which we share.

1. To bring in change in the society by innovation
2. Provide help to the children to build future society
3. Innovation in bridging the gap between remote villages and facilities
4. New ways to educate and distribute tools for education to remote villages
5. Free medical help and help in education
6. Free youth counseling and help

Jyotti Foundation Introduction

We are committed to bring change with innovation

Jyotti Foundation is a registered society Non Profitable Organization situated in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh India it works for the welfare of remote villages situated near Jabalpur. Jyotti Foundation is committed to work for child health, Education and youth empowerment in the remote areas. The Idea is to apply innovation to solve classic problems of child health, education and youth empowerment.

Our Approach of work is as follows -

1. Basic Problem Research
2. Identifying the Problem and It's Impact
3. Data collection and sorting
4. Prioritization of Problems
5. Identifying the solution
6. Fund collection
7. Solution Deployment
9. Continuous Improvement Measurement

Our reach to the remote villages is our strength, We collect data and probes for the problem which are impacting our area of agenda, Our volunteers in the remote villages provides data regarding the problems and then we apply innovative ways to solve these problems.

In order to see the impact of our solution we also collect the data to measure the success.

Our reach to oversees Donors, social funds and government agencies makes it possible to run the projects according to the data of existing problems.