Our Work

Work done by Jyotti Foundation

Child Health care pre and post delivery are the areas of major concern in rural villages in india. Troubled birth rate is quite high in the target areas we are working. the main reason for these problems is lack of proper treatment, counseling, Medical facilities and awareness. Due to the location and connectivity of the villages from the urban area people living in villages do not get proper medical attention, we are committed to fill the gap by using our network of doctors who are voluntarily visits the place and organizing the camps to educate the mother for child health and precautions.

We are forming a group of doctors who are running camps, in order to educate for safe delivery precautions to the expecting mothers for new born babies health.

Basically we run following free services in remote villages time to time:
1. Malnutrition In Children.
2. Maternal and New Born Health Checkup camps.
3. Free checkups and counselling to the parents etc.

It is an initiative which is under the leadership of Dr Ritesh Singh going forward.

One more aspect of categorizing the problem on the basis of impact is under way and we are collecting data in the selected villages which will be available soon.

This is a project started by us to collect used books and to form a inventory which can be made available to remote village under privilege students.

We do following things in this regard:
1. Finding out volunteers for collecting books.
2. Finding out people who are ready to donate books.
3. Finding out place for where we can distribute books.
4. Inventory management.
5. Searching donations.
6. Sourcing from personnel networks and advertising.
7. Book keeping and distribution management.
8. Digital data collection and distributions.

We strongly believe that not only physical health but moral and mental health is also required to become an active part of the society And children is the first person who will become future society . we made this initiative to ensure moral and mental health to the kids by providing them free infrastructure to play and grow mentally.

Following are our plans in this regard:
1. Starting our center in remote villages to provide free setup for kids games.
2. Free puzzles and mental game for kids.
3. Free education for moral sense and habits.
4. Finding out volunteers to help us on this.
5. Making sure that KIDS will get latest things to explore.
6. Providing them guest visit to give tips to the parents.
7. Latest games and technology exposure.
8. Free mental games know how.
9. Finding out volunteers and donations for this.
10 Exposure to digital world to the kid.

Jyotti Foundation is committed to work for Child health from the primary to advance stages of pregnancy. we have identified the problems which could cause the child birth problems like improper food habits of the pregnant mother, stress, lack of medical advice and help, lack of health check ups etc.

Our data shows that the major child birth problem occurs due to lack of availability of medical help in the remote villages during the time of delivery. one such story is a story of "Ram kumar" living in "luhari" village near Jabalpur which is aroound 80 km far from the urban population, roads are so bad that a distance of 7km is deadly and not easy for any kind of vehicle access, During rainy season accidents in the roads are quite likely and the 80km distance becomes 200km during that time and sometimes more then that.

Ram Kumar is not the only one who went through the death of his first child due to lack of medical help during child birth but there are many more like this, who tries to take the pregnant lady to the urban hospital but due to lack of resources they fail to do so and pays a price of death of newly born baby.

Sometimes due to heavy rains or some time due to bad roads area becomes in accessible and the people who are leaving in those villages pays a heavy price. Our data shows one out of ten child birth becomes a victim of this.

Jyotti Foundation commitment to health forced them to pitch in to the topic and provide help to the poor villagers who are living in the remote villages near Jabalpur.

As of now we are running free camps and after some time we are planning to start flying rescue on wheels in the form of "Sanjeevani" it is going to be accessible for free 24/7 to the remote villages people to provide them timely help in the form of our expert doctors project planning and procurement of the cost involved is under way, collection of donation and grants for the project is in process which will complete soon and "Sanjeevani" will be available anytime anywhere on a call for the needy villagers.